What does “happiness” look like to you?

I consider happiness and joy to be two different emotions. I am happy a lot of the time. I have little reason not to be. Life is good, I am blessed. I often wonder how I was so lucky to have been born in the United States into a nice family. Not that it was perfect. The family my husband and I have made is an improvement on what we both had, and that is satisfying.

Now I am a grandmother of ten, including one adopted child who has been a joy, and two children acquired by my daughter when she married. She then produced 3 more darlings, and another daughter has four beauties. Another child just married, and a fourth is still looking. The physical and spiritual continuity in having grandchildren is quite remarkable.

Happiness looks just like my children in person, in photo albums, in my memories. It looks like my grandchildren, each one precious and unique. It looks like me sitting cuddling one of them reading a story book.  Close moments, memories-to-be.

For my junior year of college I attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, but stayed there to finish my history degree because I loved the place so much. I met my husband there, too, and while it holds many wonderful memories for me, we go back every year (and own a house there). There is no place where I feel so spiritually at home. Just being there brings me a sense of happiness that I feel no where else — as much as I love our family home in Virginia. Standing on the beach there, looking at a view the castle, or standing in the ruins of the cathedral, I feel as close to joy as I get.

St. Andrews Castle

I am content. I am usually happy, but joy comes only in precious moments and special experiences.
(The header on this page is photo impression of the rough on the world-renown golf course.)