Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

i wouldn’t want to make myself sound totally strange — but I immediately thought of this as it applies to me. I often have the feeling that I’m looking at myself like I’m a stranger. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching what I’m doing, listening to myself speak. It’s a strange feeling that doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s kind of unsettling when it does.

It’s interesting too when I hear words coming from my mouth — and I learn what I think from myself — that happens when the subject matter is new or that I haven’t really thought about before. My ideas are forming as I speak and I kind of think — I didn’t know that’s how I felt about that!

It’s not as if I’m judging myself, trying to see myself through someone else’s eyes. Perhaps I’m taking a break from my involvement in a situation, or dissociating from circumstances. I’m still there, but viewing myself from the outside.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has had this feeling and what they think it means.