It’s January 26. Write a post in which the number 26 plays a role.

Funny, this morning I was thinking I needed to make a gratitude list. I was having a few negative thoughts, and putting myself down a bit, and thought just maybe I should count my blessings, and remind myself of the good things I have and do instead of being a Patty Pittypot. Some of these are random, others specific.

1. I have excellent health at nearly 66 and, considering all the people I know with health issues, some deadly, I am extremely grateful for this. I work at it through diet and moderate exercise, but must credit some helpful genes, too. Thanks, forefathers and mothers.

2-5. I have four beautiful, honest, loving and considerate children, who are doing a good job at being adults/parents/wives and husbands. I’m glad that they were able to take the family religion into a new generation, each with their own understanding.

6-15. I am blessed with 10 beautiful, healthy, and bright grandchildren whom I get to see regularly and play with — even if one who shall remain nameless often beats me at games.

16. I have overcome some mental health issues (anxiety disorder/depression) and addiction problems of my own, and this morning, as I often do, thanked God that I got up feeling ready to greet and take on the day.

17. My hair still has most of its color. The gray looks like frosting — and it’s free.

18. I’m going on a cruise with my dear sister, her daughter, husband, and two boys, in a week or so, with my husband’s blessing. (He hates the idea of cruising and I love it.) Thank you, dear.

19. I like to cook and try new things, and love my vegetables. Since this is a daily task, I’m glad I enjoy it.

20. I don’t have a chocolate addiction like one of my daughters.

21. I still enjoy learning and love to take classes (mostly online) in subjects I’d like to know more about — or to learn something entirely new.

22. My size hasn’t changed in at least 20 years, so I have lots of clothes. (Why is it so hard to get rid of favorite things even when they’re getting really old? I should enforce the rule of getting rid of one old item every time I buy something new.)

23. I first tried yoga about 8 years ago, and it’s one of the best discoveries I’ve ever made — great ME time that’s good for me too.

24. Retirement has allowed me to do more of the things I enjoy, including volunteering time at the school where I last worked, loving the library, and some of great people I met there.

25. While I don’t personally have a “best-friend” I have several other friends who are often supportive, and available if and when I need them.

26. Even though it took therapy to help, I am at peace with myself, my faults (which I really do try to correct), and my opinions. I no longer need to have the validation of others to feel good about myself. Getting older helps with this, too. I have faith in God and am willing to accept the plans he has for me, even though I know I must work towards the goals I have set for myself.

Was it really fair to count all the children separately? They are definitely individuals, each one unique! Besides that, 26 items is rather a long list to read, but I could have added more. I’m blessed.