Write a post entirely in the present tense.

I love to watch birds and today I have a special one to watch. Something large sitting on the end post of the grape trellis catches my eye. I focus in and see it is the hawk that seems to have taken up residence it our yard. I don’t see him often, but here he is today. I think he is a Broad-winged Hawk.

The snow covers the ground and I wonder if he’ll find anything to eat, for I’m sure that’s what he’s waiting for, something to come into his line of vision. He’s a big bird, capable of snatching up many smaller animals. No chipmunks today though; they are hiding somewhere until they can come out and play in the sun. There are voles, mice, rats sometimes, and even squirrels and rabbits. I suspect they all could be snatched up in this big bird’s claws. I wonder if he’s strong enough to rid us of the pesky groundhog? If snake are to his taste, he’s welcome to those in the summer, too.

He perches nearly motionless, but from time to time his head turns almost imperceptibly because no other part of his body moves. How does he sit there in the cold, so patient and calm as I watch him through the glass from a warm room? Something has caught his eye; in a flash he makes a little jump and takes off, his wings spanning wide as he soars into the air.