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Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

I’ve chosen this photo from a post depicting the Republican stance in Congress by Victor David Hansen, political commentator and author. He is a clear, thinker with direct logic. I’m not going to rewrite what he says, but what this photo says to me, hopefully in his clear, logical style.


Hang your head, Republicans! You’ve had 6 years to get it right, and still the party is divided on major issues, presenting no united front or downright outrage in the face of Obama’s attempts to topple the balance of power as set out in the Constitution. Okay, so you don’t have a majority in the Senate, but those in the House need to stand together rather than being divided and divisive.

Yes, we had Paul Ryan play nice with the Democrats to pass a budget in the House, and that made a lot of people mad. Sometimes this is how politicians have to act in such a obstructionist atmosphere. This bill reflected only a small part of what Republicans wanted, but a bill that included all they wanted would never have passed in either the House or Senate, not just due to Democrat dominance, but because of the infighting in the Grand Old Party.

It’s time some of the festering wounds in the party were healed. It’s also clear that the Conservative views have to be incorporated in the Republican brand. Furthermore, the brand needs to be re-formed, restated, and effectively communicated to the populace. If the Party can’t articulate clear policies and positions, a strong, positive presence, they’re going to find it hard to attract the additional voters they need to succeed.

Republicans need to stick together as firmly and relentlessly as the Democrats do. This is what people want to see in the party: a untied and strong front on the important issues that demand attention. It is crucial that the Republican Party gets its act together at this very precarious time in history and assume its role in  reinstituting the Constitutional democracy that has been diminished in the last 6 years.