What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?

Vacuuming is my least favorite task and I don’t know why. Usually it is the type of job I’d enjoy — do the work and immediately see results. My dear oldest daughter, knowing my aversion to vacuuming, will often do the job for me when she comes over, just to be nice — certainly not as a criticism.

I have a dishwasher, but I don’t mind hand-washing dishes either, and with only two of us at home as opposed to six, that’s a more frequent occurrence. It takes time to fill a dishwasher when there are only two eating.

I love to see the dirt on my steam cleaner when I wash the kitchen floor; it shows that the job really needed doing and I actually accomplished something worthwhile.

Now, window washing comes a close second to vacuuming. That’s because I am never able to get them spotless, and I’ve learned to accept that, though it’s still frustrating. It’s hard work, though, for an imperfect result. My sister-in-law cued me into using newspaper to dry them, and that works really well, but does leave rather a gray mess on one’s hands.

I’m a pretty good housekeeper without being obsessive. It would be so hard to want everything in perfect order all the time because (for me) it would be unachievable, not to mention an unreasonable waste of time.

When I was a child, my mother was a poor housekeeper. My best friend Susan’s mom always had a neat, clean house, so I was aware of what our house “should” be like. (Those were the days when mothers stayed home and dads went to “work”.) I was embarrassed about the mess, so I would do the cleaning as much as I was able. I most vividly remember cleaning the gas stove which was a horrendous task with grease and stuck-on stuff. I also did all the ironing (which I don’t mind) because my dad preferred the way I pressed his white work shirts. I’m surprised that in my adulthood I didn’t become obsessive about cleanliness, but I’m reasonably laid back until we have guests coming and I put more effort into cleaning. That used to be a real stressor, until I realized that guests were not usually coming to inspect my house, but to enjoy themselves.

My house is comfortable, relatively clean and neat; however, as HGTV advises, we really need to de-clutter to create a more serene atmosphere.

NOTE: I was away on my first cruise for 5 days and so I’m playing catch-up with my blogs; that’s why they don’t have the right dates on them.