What is the best dream you’ve ever had? Recount it for us in all its ethereal glory. If no dream stands out in your memory, recount your worst nightmare. Leave no frightening detail out.

By the time I’ve had a cup of coffee, I don’t remember my dreams very well, whether they were good or bad. They can be incredibly vivid when I wake from them, and then they’re gone in a matter of minutes. I may remember a main actor, or place, but they fade rapidly. The odd thing is that sometimes a dream will haunt me for a while — not longer than a day — where I’ll feel that something is wrong, or some evil is lurking. Obviously something was not resolved in my dream, as it rarely is.

One dream I had as a young child, before age 5, was that I could fly. I can recall lifting off the stairs as I ran swiftly down them flying through the air, my feet above the ground, landing gently. I remember it as if it really happened, so it’s almost become a memory. A dreadful childhood dream I had (once, twice, more — I’m not sure), was that in 2nd grade I went to school without a shirt on. In my dream, I’d been told it was okay to do that, it was the style, but when I got there, everyone else was fully dressed. I actually feel remorse at having gone to school like that.

My theme dream, which seems to surface when I’m stressed, is that I’m somewhere and I’m packing. Sometimes the place is identifiable, sometimes not. It’s getting late, and I know I have to finish packing in order to get to the airport on time. My suitcase is filling up, but every time I open another drawer or closet, there are more clothes I have to pack! I usually wake up in a panic because I know there will always be more, and I will never finish.

There’s a lot of wonder about dreams, and whether they mean anything — who knows. In me, stress causes The Packing Dream. Oddly enough, I never dream of people important to me who have died. Like most people, I have dreams where I have an affair, or a love attraction, but I rarely, if ever, see the face of the leading man. I wonder if that happens on days when I’ve had a disagreement with my husband? (Thankfully, I feel guilt.) Apparently we dream more than we know, and I’ve always felt that our mind keep working on problem after we go to sleep. I’d tend to agree with that; morning often brings a clarity or ability to decide when the day before we were lost.

I like to dream, I just wish I could remember more of them, and perhaps see the others in my dreams more clearly.