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Happy Tuesday. Today daughter number two told us she was pregnant with her fifth child. It was very amusing: We are currently visiting her (and unfortunately have to fly home tomorrow), and her parents-in-law came to visit for the day. We had a pleasant day, finishing it up with a tasty barbeque and delicious desserts (great after a long Lent). Since Easter has just passed, my daughter handed each grandmother a plastic egg with a number inside. My number was 11 and her husband’s mother got a 27.

Sounds random, but we caught on pretty quickly. We currently have 10 grandchildren, and our counterparts have 26. So, we have another grandchild on the way! My daughter and her husband have four kids already, aged 2-8, but only one girl — so far. They’re excited and we’re happy for them. They’ve just said they’ll not find out the sex of the baby in advance and be surprised this time — but we’ll see. Those sonograms are so good these days that sometimes it’s obvious what the baby is.

It’s wonderful to see the new generation growing into little people with characters, minds, and looks of their own. It’s fun to seek out traits and characteristics of both sides of the family mixed up into new individuals.