What’s your most prized possession? GO!

My first reaction is my/our house in St. Andrews, Scotland. It holds so many memories, of our family times there, and of the progress we’ve made over the years in remodeling and updating the 1904 house. Managing the house has pretty much been my responsibility, and generally I have the final say in what’s done and how it’s done. Since it is in a different country with different building regulations and codes, I rely a lot of the property manager and the good workmen I’ve used to do major work. I listen to their advice before I finally decide.

The house is in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland in one of the most prosperous and lovely towns. It holds the best university in Scotland (founded 1411), and the that definitely has a positive effect on the town. The university owns some of the best real estate old and new, and they keep it up impeccably. Partly because of the university, and partly because of the high level of tourism in the summer, there is always something going on in town, too. Concerts, plays, Scottish games, Scottish dancing events, etc. There is a nice blend of outdoor activities, historical sites, and entertainment.


For me the sea is one of main attractions of the town; it’s ever-present, just as the corresponding sky, which tends to change frequently and sometimes dramatically throughout the day. It’s the biggest sky I’ve ever seen and can make me feel joyous, like “God is in his heaven.” Even when it’s angry, it exudes power because of its expanse. (Then there are the rainy days when you can’t see it at all.)

Yes, it’s my most prized possession, but for so many reasons other than just a house. Does anyone else have a special place that aligns with their soul that’s not their permanent home?