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Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

How many people replied “die”? I guess that would be the worst, because I haven’t finished painting my bedroom and connected bathroom yet. I also am slowly trying to reduce clutter in my house, and get rid of things that I don’t need and probably no one else wants. I think I’ve finally decided to get rid of my handwritten notes from history, art history, and philosophy from university (1967-1970). That will leave space in the garage for something else I can’t part with.

I’m also trying to get my VHS tapes (family and favorite movies and series) onto DVDs, audio cassette tapes onto CDs or an MP3 player, and the rest of my slides digitized. Several years ago I scanned and saved old family photos; for the last five years, I’ve had photo books made (like Snapfish, Picaboo, etc.) and give each child one at Christmas. They begin in 1976 when daughter #1 was born, and I’m up to about 1984 now with about 2 years in each album. I’ve made other album books of special family events, except weddings which I’ve left up to the brides involved. When my son got married in Sonoma last summer and family members made it a week-long vacation of it (we live on the opposite coast), I made an album highlighting all aspects of the vacation, including some wedding and reception photos, with others of the reception dinner, sightseeing, kids, grandkids,  etc. All of these bring back great memories, and are easier to view than my mother-in-law’s photos in a big plastic bag.

I’ve also backed up all my photos. My rule is backup anything important in three different places. I’ll never forget the time a photographer took photos at a friend’s graduation ceremony from a technical college/university, didn’t back up the photos immediately, and lost the SD card or overwrote or erased it (not sure) so there were no photos of the graduates and the ceremony!

So, I still have lots to do and would hope to be around long enough to make a lovely album for my 50th wedding anniversary in 7 years, because that’s going to be a big event! It would be nice, too, to be around for some high school graduations, but we’ll see.

The best thing isn’t exceptional. I had a good day. I woke up feeling good, dressed, ate, and went out to do volunteer work at the school where I taught until retirement. I help the librarian who is also a friend. She needs the help — she wears many hats besides librarian, and is a great asset to the school. Then I came home, ate lunch late, had a little nap, fixed a nice dinner, and now I’m writing my blog. I had nice chats with two of my daughters, which is always nice. I like days that pass pleasantly, and except for being in some faraway location like Rome, Budapest, London, Madrid, Seville, Athens, etc., I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. How boring is that? But sometimes boring is contentment, and I can live with that!