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Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Lunch. It’s all me time. I eat the same thing every day, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a yogurt. I watch HGTV and check email and Facebook. I do it for an hour.

I actually like to have every day organized, and each day is different. Lunch is kind of anchor, no matter what time I eat. I admit it sounds strange (perhaps very strange) that I eat the same thing every day. It’s my comfort food, and I love it. I am able to eat other things, if there’s a good reason to; I’m not totally a slave to my obsessions.

I have what I call and anchor in each day. Two or three days a week it’s yoga. One day a week my day is organized around my three hours of volunteer work in the library at the elementary school where I last worked. I really enjoy that day because I get see old friends, and lots of the kids I used to teach.

Every day I prepare dinner, and that’s an enjoyable time, not only because I like to cook, but because it’s the end of another day, and my husband and I always sit down together just as we did when the house was full of children.

I like my rituals, it can’t be denied. I find that having a loose schedule, and splitting up my day into sections with different goals, I get more done. I also find that with the anxiety disorder I have, organization helps to keep it at bay.

Weekends are for whatever happens — and hopefully includes family and grandchildren. And to keep my husband happy, a cookout.