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You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

Flight for humans would be an awesome change in the laws of nature. I so envy the birds and their ability to lift effortlessly off the ground and ascend so easily. Obviously, some brain changes would be necessary, too, to  enable us to fly without running into things. It’s amazing how birds can fly so quickly yet never run into trees, telephone poles, or buildings. I don’t know what sense that is exactly, but I do know that many birds have better vision than people do, so perhaps that’s part of the answer.

It would be so marvelous to have the ability, like Google satellites do, to look down on everything, to see our house and yard from above or to see the city of Washington D.C. or New York City from the air. Washington has a particularly interesting road layout designed in detail by Pierre L’Enfant, with a few “grand avenues” (named for states) diagonally crossing the well-planned road system. Numbered streets go north and south, and lettered streets extend east and west. (It gets a little more complicated than that, because of the 4 quadrants, centered on the Capitol (0,0), but it all has a logic.) Believe me, that is not apparent from road level, when you’re stuck in traffic.  New York City has a very simple grid system — how interesting that would look from above, especially because of all the green areas in the city. Leaving the cities behind, one could fly over mountains and plains, rivers and bridges, gliding like a kite, feeling the winds shifting under your wings.


From the ground you can’t really look into volcanoes, but as a flier you could. Flying high and low over the ocean you would see how the currents move, how the color of the water below changes, where deeper areas are, check out schools of fish and even large sea animals. You could look right into the eyes of the presidents on Mount Rushmore! (But then they may not look like presidents at all).

Flight would be a wonderful attribute to have. To have the ability to see things from a different perspective, to appreciate the landscape in a whole new way, to travel quickly from one place to another and not be confined by the roads which keep us on the beaten path — that would be amazing and freeing.