What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

When I was a teenager, at some point I suffered from insomnia. When I couldn’t sleep, I’d give up and find a book to read. I was an avid reader anyway, and it seemed like a good way to pass the time until I could finally sleep. The insomnia passed, but the reading in bed didn’t. It’s just become part of my nightly ritual.

When I got married, I continued the practice, but not without upsetting my husband. I think I tried to oblige him for a while, but I really missed it. Finally, I decided to resort to using a flashlight so I could continue with my guilty pleasure. While I could see his point of view when I was using a bedside lamp, I felt a little flashlight could be forgiven.

I love the feeling of getting into bed, stretching out, then curling up again with my flashlight and a book or Kindle. I read ’til I fall asleep — 15-30 minutes, and I love it. I still get comments now and then from the other side of the bed, especially if I come to bed a while later than my husband, but on this issue I’ve held firm. I just enjoy it too much to give it up.

Often I read two books simultaneously. I have a night book and a day book. If and when I take little breaks during the day, I have another book to read, and it’s usually something “heavier”, like a biography or self-help book.

The books I like best are mysteries, and I like everything from Agatha Christie to James Patterson and while I like Ruth Rendell, I find some of her mysteries a bit dark and unsettling. I also love historical novels, both European and American. I also read Young Adult Fiction, because I’m working on becoming a children’s writer, and some of that genre are really good — even for an adult.

The most memorable book I ever read was “Gone with the Wind.” While I was reading it in every free moment, I actually felt like I was living in the book, an onlooker, I guess. I’ve never felt quite so pulled into a book while I was reading it.