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If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

Being human is important to me, so I want to keep all the qualities of being the person I am. I hope I wouldn’t have to give up two-thirds of that!

I kind of like the idea of being a computer, too. There are TV shows based on this concept, but unless it blew out my brain, it would be really useful. I could give up my carrying my cell phone or using my GPS device. It would also be useful to use it as a notepad to list reminders, shopping needs, or ideas for writing (in my case). You could also note the license plate numbers of people who drive like lunatics, for instance, passing in a 25 mph speed limit zone. (That just makes me crazy.)

Just as we can talk to our cell phones and give them commands like “Call Paul” (my husband), and your phone does it for you, I’m thinking my computer would operate something like that. I could talk to him, or dictate an email or text. (It’s better than my typing.) It would be risky if activation of my personal computer responded to my thoughts — that would be confusing, embarrassing, or dangerous. So I think having a specific input mechanism like speech would be essential. We already see people walking around apparently talking to themselves while using Blue Tooth, so it wouldn’t be any stranger to talk to my computer.

Finally, particularly since I now have faultless GPS, I’ll add some bird abilities. I’ve always admired how birds fly so effortlessly, so why not, since you asked. It would also make it far easier to get from one place to another on the overcrowded roads in our metropolitan area.

I think that’s a pretty practical mix, unless I’m only one-third of each — then I’d have to give this a lot more thought.