What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

An aside: First, I want a grammar guru to tell me why, when you put an apostrophe in eles’s or another’s, you get red-lined? To me it only make sense when you’re using those type of words to show “possession”, they should have apostrophes.)

Unquestionably clothes. I often like things that just aren’t suitable for me. My body isn’t perfect; I know that. I’m short, but 5’4″ is on cut-off line between petite and regular women’s size ranges. So often when I shop, it’s a length problem: skirts too long, petite skirts, too short; t-shirts too long, hugging parts of my body I don’t really want to accentuate; dresses too long in the torso, so that the waist falls at my hips, or glops around my shoulders.

The other problem is that I like black and white — I could dress only in black and white and be perfectly happy, but I can concede that color is good too. But every time I go clothes shopping I myself pulling out things in b/w and have to slap my hand an put them back because I know I already have enough of that. If a friend went with me, they could slap my hand, metaphorically speaking.

I find it hard to be an “original”; I see people who are, and I just wonder how they do it. It’s not even a money thing. I know people who wear Target clothes or resale items and always look great. I have a cousin-in-law, my age (bless her departed soul), whom I met about ten years ago. She intimidated me a bit, both with her positive outgoing personality, as well as with her chic dressing. I wondered how she could afford to spend so much on clothing. On our of our trips through Houston  she pointed out a resale shop where she buys many items because of their high quality and selection. Ah-ha! Well, if she can do it, so can I, I thought. Suffice it to say, that wasn’t the secret to her unique style — she just has it — I don’t.

I went out the other day to buy some casual summer dresses, something I “needed” for my “wardrobe” (such as it is). Sometimes I find I just like something because it so pretty, or has such an interesting pattern, and I buy it, only to be chided by one of my children or my husband about the way it looks on me. Even if it fits well, that doesn’t mean it’s flattering. Oh, well. Perhaps when I return it I’ll have more sense and try again to take everything into consideration.

I have one daughter who is particularly hard to shop with; she’d be a good one to take with me. We usually have the ability to be pretty honest with one another without beating around the bush. A simple “no” from her and I know it’s really bad. She on the other hand, takes no suggestions from me, and like me, sometimes picks clothing that is really cute — but not that flattering or that goes with nothing she already has in her closet.

Oh, the woes of shopping. I think of Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sex in the City) shoes and clothing, and I think, “Oh, if only I had the money”, or “had the places to wear them”, I could really enjoy shopping. No, I don’t think that’s going to happen. For me clothes shopping is an act of will; I do it grudgingly when it has to be done, and then do my best to make good selections that will win the approval of others, besides myself.