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Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?

I never read a book twice. My daughter reads books two or three times if she loves them.

I really enjoyed Fall of Giants and learned a lot while reading it. It really changed my view of and thinking about the First World War. Follett’s historical novels are excellent. I’m pleased that it is the first in a trilogy and look forward to reading the next one covering World War II. (The third hasn’t been released yet.) In addition to uncovering some of the causes of World War I, it also deals with the Russian Revolution, and the growth of the struggle for women’s suffrage. I’m sure I glean even more understanding reading it a second time.

I loved Up Country by Nelson DeMille. I read through his adventure pretty quickly to keep up with the story, but there was much more to be uncovered than that. It takes place in Vietnam where the main character fought 30 years before. In the novel he is sent by the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division to ferret out facts surrounding a murder that occurred during the war. He doesn’t want to return, and finds he is haunted by incidents from his past, and has various flashbacks which shed light on what the war was like. The plot thickens, and he again fights a battle for survival as in a corrupt world. For the second time in his life, he cannot distinguish friend from foe.

I remember thinking how little I knew about Vietnam, and how vividly the depictions were of the modern country, and the hazier recollections of his first stint as a soldier. There’s an eerieness to the novel which I feel every time I look at it in the bookcase. Reading it again might even be more revealing than the first read.

I’d add Gone With The Wind, except that my initial reaction to it was so strong, I actually felt like I was a bystander to events rather than just a reader. Of course, the movie has been shown so many times, that I think my book would lose some of the magic it has first time around.