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You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family. Who gets which role?

You’ve stumped me with this prompt. I’ve mulled over shows old and new and can’t fit people I know into any of them.

The show that I relate most to is Blue Bloods, because of the family centered theme. As a mother of 4 adult children 30-36, and grandchildren, I can understand sitting around a big dinner table and discussing our different points of view on a variety of topics. My husband isn’t exactly Tom Selleck, but he is the undisputed head of the family, and I guess I’m more like the great grandfather, doing the cooking and relieving tense moments with humor. I’m also the one the “children” come to for advice on the quiet, one-on-one. Contrary to lots of families these days, we’ve always had a home-cooked dinner together each evening and meal time was important to our family life: a chance to be together at least once a day when everybody’s life was busy.

My husband would love to live even 10 minutes as Jason Bourne; he loves those movies and I’ve seen them more times than I care to count. His favorite movie is Heat, but I don’t know if he’d rather be Al Pacino (the cop) or Robert de Niro (the bad guy).

I considered Seinfeld, but no normal people are that funny, nor do they have the experiences that crew did! I like crime shows and mysteries, but was unable to cast one of those.

Better luck tomorrow!