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Thirteen years passes away like a puff of smoke from my cigarette. When I see the planes crash into the twin towers again I am transported back to the horror I felt in those moments. Today I have been uneasy because it is September 11 again, and that day will never be the same. How much truer that must be for the people who lost family and friends on that day, who saw the flames and terrified people leaping from windows 100 floors above ground level, or ran from the all-encompassing smoke and debris from the collapsing buildings.

The possibility of terrorism on our soil is now a real threat and reasonable fear, and may well occur again. What we have endured is just a fraction of what people in the Middle East, and parts of Africa, live with daily. It is not in our experience to see roaming bands of rifle-wielding zealots prepared to shoot, stab and defile anyone who does not agree with their political or religious point of view. Not only have young children seen people shot down an mutilated around them, had family members rushed away or killed, but they, too, are not exempt from the brutality of the terrorists.

We may have people in this country who protest at the display of creches on Christmas, but the advocates of religious displays don’t have to fear being killed for their point of view. While political correctness has limited our freedom of speech, we will not be taken away in the night and murdered for our expressing our views.

It is good to be reminded in these days of global unrest and violence that terrorism is real. It is to be feared, and to be repulsed. We may not be able to change the world, but there are times when human beings in other parts of the world need the force of the US and other countries to tip the balance of power and reiterate that terrorists and the mass killing of innocent people is absolutely morally wrong. Killing in the name of God, can never be justified or condoned.