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What’s the longest stretch you’ve ever pulled off of posting daily to your blog? What did you learn about blogging through that achievement, and what made you break the streak?

My goal was to write every day, and as life would have it, there have been a few interruptions — a month in Britain when I wrote less consistently, a week abroad in Spain when I took only my tablet with me, or days when I’ve just been too busy, or didn’t feel well.

Generally I have kept up my commitment to hit the computer once a day, and there are some months I’ve written every day. I realize the published post topic is optional, but I’ve tried to respond to it because it makes me think about things I’ve never considered before, and come up with something in response — to reach deeper into my experiences, my knowledge or lack thereof, and my creativity. I’ve been able to include some of my photography (and others’) and do some research on topics I wanted to know more about.

Reading other people’s blogs has been eye-opening, too. I love the different forms of talent other writers have, and the topics are so far-reaching. Some make me sad, others make me smile; some I can immediately relate to and just have to comment, others just give me a glimpse of another person’s world, then I return to my own. I can conclude that there’s a lot of gifted people out there, as well as people who work hard at what they do (a job like nursing, or a talent like painting) and sharing it opens up the world and allows us to connect.

After the year is up, I don’t know if I’ll continue blogging unless I develop a theme or groups of topics on which to focus. I’ve been able to talk my daughter into beginning a blog using WordPress: she’s a very active and creative parent of 3 kids aged 2-6 whom she’s homeschooling, and she also has a 7th grade boy and a senior in high school, a gift from her husband. She posts what she does with them on Facebook and often has others asking ‘Where is that?”, “How’d you do that?” “Oh, what a great idea!”, so I thought she’d have an audience for her blogs on things to do with children.