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If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?

Fame is overrated, I think. Besides that, fame for a day? Or stepping into the skin of a famous person for a day — how much could you accomplish?

If Harry Reid would actually allow the hundreds of bills that are sitting in a dusty pile awaiting action on the Senate floor, and they were voted up or down, I wouldn’t mind be president for a day so I could sign some of them into law with haste. There are so many things that need fixing and some of the pending legislation could have a positive effect on the country. I would like to be a president who encourages bi-partisan action, with a deep love for my country and doing what is best for the majority, and get down to work.

On a lighter and more positive note. I would like to be able to sing. I am in awe of people who open their mouths and amaze me with what comes out. I can’t imagine having a voice like an opera diva, or, say, Adele. Wow, what a thrill that would be even for a day!

ElleryHollingsworthbiopicI love watching snowboarders at the Winter Olympics, like Ellery Hollingsworth. To be able to live to in one of their bodies for a day would be way more than a thrill. I (the real me) would never even think of skiing on bunny slopes let alone flying through the air and landing if not always gracefully, successfully!

For a day, I would be willing to be famous or powerful, beautiful or gifted. But leading a life of fame would be difficult. No, I think I’ll shun celebrity status, and live my nice quiet, safe, life.