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Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale.

Once upon a time a lady wanted another baby. She already had been blessed with four, but only one girl. She longed for another girl to be a little sister for her 2-1/2 year-old.

She prayed and in time a baby began to grow inside her and she was thrilled. She was sure it was a little girl — sometimes mothers just know these things. She’d even concentrated on thinking of girl’s names. The boys in the family were anxious to have a little sister to dote on, and more excited as the time drew near.

One morning, just before Christmas, the lady awoke, and said “Something tells me that today is the day I should go and get our new one,” and her husband took her to a lovely home where midwives brought babies to waiting mothers.

She had to wait a little while, but then a midwife entered the room and said, “I think it’s time for us to bring you your baby.” The blond-haired mother opened her arms and heart when the woman handed her a baby girl. As the father stroked his little angel’s head, the mom and dad tried to think of a name for her. The mother, who knew much about saints, old and new, suggested Gianna, a woman, an obstetrician, and a recent saint, who was known for not aborting her own baby when her health was gravely threatened. The dear woman did have a healthy baby, but passed away shortly thereafter, giving her life for a new one. The husband readily agreed, and choosing another religious symbol, and they named her Gianna Rose.

Mom and Dad, satisfied with the health and beauty of their little girl, decided it was time to take her home to meet the rest of the family who were waiting anxiously for her arrival. “How long could it take to get a baby?” one asked. “It’s been at least 6 hours!” another added.

The parents arrived to an excited group of children vying for who would get to hold her first, stroke her cheeks, and catch a glimpse of her eyes under their sleepy lids. Gianna was patient as she was passed around from child to child, and grandparent to grandparent, until Mother went quietly to her room with the new baby to rest and care for her.

The family celebrated the birth a baby Jesus with a new baby of their own, and were truly thankful for the best Christmas gift of all, Baby Gianna.