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You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

Five reasons why St. Andrews, Scotland is my favorite place

The first building that comes into view as you drive into town is Hamilton Hall, which overlooks the Old Course. When I see that, my mood instantly lifts and my heart quickens. This town has several elements that make it special. Among these are:

1. The Sea: It is not only changeable, it surrounds the town so that you are always aware of it. It sends a freshening breeze all the time — not good for the hair — but always invigorating.

2. The Sky: In no other place have I seen skies which change so rapidly and beautifully. The endless sky and sea work together to present an ever-changing mood and perspective.

3. The Size: The town has grown and spread out, but for the most part you can walk almost everywhere, through an medieval town revitalized with plenty of shopping, historical sites, beautiful gardens, winding alleys, and attractive architecture.

4. University of St. Andrews: The best university of Scotland funnels lots of money into the town, with its high employment, and the 6,000 students who come each year with their spending. The University owns many of the finest buildings in town, which are restored and renovated to a high standard often with beautiful landscaping and gardens. It also owns some of the newest buildings in town, too, appropriately enough forming a new campus which houses the math, sciences, and technology departments.

5. The History: Walking down the same cobbled streets that people have used for centuries gives me an amazing feeling of continuity of mankind. Walking past or going into buildings where people have lived for 400-500 years is strangely comforting — it makes me feel like I’m a living part of history.