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Margeret (Gipsy) Moth was a New Zealand-born camerawoman, one of the first in combat, who worked for CNN from 1990 until her death in 2010. She was known for her quirkiness, absolute dedication, fearlessness, and courage. She served in all the major war zone areas during that period and chose to go back to Sarjevo after two years of reconstructive surgery from a bullet shot to her face. With a unique sense of humor she said she had to go back to look for here teeth (most had been shot out by the sniper). Her boss didn’t want to let her return, but she was adamant that she wanted to work, and be in the middle of the action. For relaxation, she was a sky-diver, and was known to roller-blade in the most unusual places, including hotel halls and lobbies in cities to which she was assigned.

What drew this Moth into the flame?
Of hell on earth and woe
No other person drove her choice
She went where she would go

Margaret with her camera high
Saw danger as a calling
She ran to where the action was
And kept her camera rolling

Recording scenes of killing
Inhumanity to man
From Tbilisi to Delhi
Margaret never turned an ran

Always in the firing line
Ignored bullets for a shot
She ran amidst fighting crowds
As warring partisans fought

With a crowd of protestors
Guards let in the leader’s lair
She filmed Libyan Arafat
An exclusive worth daring

In Sarjevo’s Sniper’s Alley
She was shot in her crew’s van
Injuring jaw, teeth and face
The recovery began

After two years she was set
to come back to war and strife
Back to hotspots she returned
For this was was her real life

Adventurous and daring
She pursued truth fearlessly
T’was cancer not a bullet
That stilled her life’s energy.