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Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

Definitely the beach. There’s just something about rolling waves that makes me feel peaceful and content, and the stronger they are, the more exhilarating and energizing.

I’ve been to beaches in many locations: several in England, Scotland, and Wales, and closer to home Virginia and Maryland’s popular vacation towns. I’ve been to both coasts of Florida (the Atlantic is the best), the Puget Sound beaches in Seattle, the coastal areas of Vancouver, and most impressive of all, the Atlantic Ocean on the coast near Bordeaux, France. Best beach ever, astounding waves!

I’ve never been on a mountain top; on our trips to Seattle we’ve never had the right opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier (wrong season, bad weather etc.). One year we did, however, drive from Calgary to Summerland B.C. (a wonderful destination) to see in-laws. On the way, we passed through some of the highest mountains I’ve seen in America. We stayed the night in Revelstoke (beautiful!), and which is set among glorious mountains. It is situated near Glacier National Park, the Selkirk Mountains, and the Monashee Mountains. We drove on the Trans-Canada Highway and traveled through the Rogers Pass and the Eagle Pass. We climbed pretty high In Revelstoke National Park, but there were still peaks higher than we reached. With a 2 year-old and a pregnant mother with us (and her husband), we did what we were able! I admit the views were outstanding, the the trees and wildflowers, lovely, and we even found a small glacier in a crevice.

Living on the U.S. east coast, our closest mountains are the Appalachians, and the tallest peak there is only 6,684 feet. I’ve traveled though Europe and passed through the Alps and Dolomites and they look pretty amazing, but mountain climbing is probably past my abilities at 67!

Even though some vistas can be beautiful to look at, I’d rather experience the smell of the sea, its peaceful soothing sound, and the lapping of waves around my feet (and occasionally jumping in roaring waves!)