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If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Does that mean I get his life for a week, too? Because that’s what I really want.

One of my favorite blogs is retireediary: The Diary of a Retiree. This man, Michael Lai, does not fit the vision of a retiree struggling to find things to do. He has so many interests, and travels to exotic places. In truth, living in Hong Kong, his trips are not as exotic as they would be for me, living in Virginia. To me these are far off mysterious places, and his wonderful photos depict just how special they are.

This view of Langkawi, Malaysia is just beautiful and so peaceful. When will I ever get to Malayasia? Probably not, but through Michael’s fine photos I get to see and “go” places I probably will never visit. His short explanations reveal his reactions to what he is seeing and photographing.


Michael and his wife have visited so many place: Australia, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, North and South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and perhaps more he hasn’t yet revealed.

I can tell you he has a good eye. He has a respect and a for the landscape on both a large and very small scale, interesting buildings old and new, and curiosities, like the Giant Duck in Hong Kong Harbor! The following pictures were all taken in China, but do go to his site to see them, and so many more in a larger format with brief interesting explanations.

Michael has many other interests besides photography and traveling. Some of his photos of the United States make me realize how much breathtaking beauty I have yet to visit in my own country. Energy, creativity, and gentleness seem to permeate his view of the world.

All of these photo are copyrighted by Michael Lai.