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Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

Oddly enough, just today, another woman and I were talking about how life is a journey. Like any trip, there’s a destination, but we don’t really know where we’re going. (We may have beliefs — but as strong as they may be, there is no image or description that suffices.)

We may also want our working life turn into a happy retirement, see our children grow into responsible, fulfilled adults, cuddle cute grandchildren, and try to figure out whose features, or personalities, they have.

Some people may want their journey to lead to riches or fame, but is that a sufficient goal? I’ve found it true that life is a journey with some decisions made on the fly, and other carefully considered.

We don’t realize we’re on a journey when we set out as children, but that’s why, as parents, we try to give our children a moral compass and tools to deal with life’s issues, big and little. And the problems do get bigger and more serious as children get older, so we have really beef up that tool kit in the teenage years. I’ve seen lots of parents bury their heads in the sand when their kids are in high school and really don’t want to know what kids are up to, denying them guidance when they need it most. But even the “best” kids are experimenting and pushing the boundaries. Parents need to be aware of the “worst” scenarios, and ready to help their children through those tough times — not with judgment, but with real and honest discussion.

My road leads to a hereafter, perhaps heaven, but probably nothing I can conceive of with my mortal mind. I have discovered along my bumpy, potholed road, that some decisions are not as hard as they seem: I like the AA slogan, “Do the next right thing.” You cannot see far down the road, so you have to keep making little decisions along the way. Some will work out, others won’t, but I learn more with each step. Intention matters as far as I’m concerned. If decisions contribute to me being a better, more moral and loving person, keeping God’s will for me in mind (he only wants the best), then they’re be best I can do at the time. My road will be better traveled if I make choices honestly, without malice or greed, and with God’s help through prayer.