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APV.Opera.10.2012The Pearl Fishers was playing at the Opera House in Richmond and since we all loved that opera we went to the River City for the weekend from Northern Virginia and stayed with my daughter. It’s a fantastic opera with sublime music and we decided to dress up nicely for the event.

The Richmond Opera House (Center Stage) is splendid and has been lovingly restored to its turn of the century beauty with lots of color, decorated columns, and fine tiling. Just being there puts you in a different frame of mind, and then the Opera begins, and the transformation is complete.

RichmondOperaHouseImagine singing instead of speaking to each other in normal day to day life? Kinda weird, but in Opera it’s perfectly and appealing successful. The Virginia Opera is an outstanding company of talented people and as well as staging show they Opera Performances in the parks and have a school program, so children can be exposed to this very different musical format. The also bring their shows to the Center for the Arts on George Mason University Campus.

The photo my daughter put on Facebook was lovely and I thought how good we looked. Later, to my dismay (or perhaps appreciation), I learned that she had gently photoshopped it to enhance our fine appearances. So I also chuckle when I see it!