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A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

Years ago at our closest elementary school PTA parents raised money and saved until they had enough to build a truly unique playground for the kids at the school. It was well thought-out and designed. Enough parents had building experience so that it was soundly built, and I’m sure it had permits and inspections and all that legal stuff. I don’t remember how long it as there, not more than 10 years, probably less, when the country started replacing all wood playgrounds with metal prefabricated play areas — very nice — but less creative. The had to be accessible to all children, and safer with more lines of sight open for teachers to see children at play. It was a sad day, though when the beloved playground, was removed.

Wooden turrets
Tunnels and turns
A maze of stairways
Squeaking chained bridges
Poles to zip down
A slide for escape
Or a tunnel ride down
A quick way to the ground
Monkey bars to cross
From places to place.
Corners to hide in
Hide and seek and tag
All on the playground
Made by loving hands.

Parents toiled long
To make it special
And safe for the kids
Who would play here each day
A unique school playground
Clever adults all thinking
How children love to play.
It disappeared one summer
So sad to see, gone
Our playground at school
Created so lovingly.

The county said wood
Was dangerous and spiky.
Now manufactured steel
And rubber coated parts
Recycled tire mulch
At the end of the slide
and under the bars.
Accessible and safe for all.
It’s good, it’s solid
But just one of many
Condoned by the country
For kids to play around.
No hiding places,
no hide and seek,
All can be seen
By the watchers on duty.
By the wayside is gone
Free creativity in play
And parents’ good deeds
In creating a playground
Where imagination one reigned.