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Team USA is playing today in the soccer World Cup in Brazil. Do you have any funny/harrowing/interesting memories from a sporting event you attended, participated in, or watched? (Responding late to prompt)

The best thrill I had, or Constantino Rocca, for that matter, is when he sunk a long putt at the Open Championship in St. Andrews in 1995.

It appeared that John Daly, vying for his second major championship, had won when Rocca had a series of difficult shots leading up to the 18th hole. But his final putt, over the Valley of Sin, remarkably went in, putting him into a tie with Daly! Rocca’s surprise and gratitude brought him to his knees, then flat out on the ground, as he realized what he had accomplished — an impossible shot. What a sight to witness!

That memory is seared in the memories of everyone who saw it, but unfortunately for Rocca, John Daly, at the top of his erratic game, won the four-hole play-off, becoming the 1995 champion. Daly may have won, but it was the magical moment of fame on the 18th that Rocca will never forget.