Simply defined, inevitable means “sure to happen; incapable of being avoided or evaded.” Hmm. I’d say that limits to word to factual situations. For instance (in my world), if you leave yeast out of bread, it will not rise. If I walk in the rain, I will get wet. If I put my finger on a hot burner, I will get a nasty burn (I know it!).

I like the quote from Ben Franklin that “nothing is this world is certain except death and taxes.” Many things may seem inevitable, but miracles happen. What is true for one person may no be so for another.

You would assume that is someone commits murder, a death sentence is inevitable, but we know that some murderers are never caught, or go unconvicted. We know drivers speed, but it is not a certainty they will be caught. Consequences do not necessarily follow human actions as surely as they do my pitiful bread. There is always an element of chance because of the number of people and ability to track their actions or outcomes.

In life, the only thing that is inevitable is death. Almost everything that happens in between is not inevitable.  Diseases that used to kill people can be arrested or cured. Though mental illnesses sometimes more difficult to diagnose, more people afflicted with them, are living more productive and happy lives because of drugs and therapy. There are more security nets out there for people who fall on hard times. People do make choices that are bad for them and sometimes pay a price. They can self-destruct; perhaps they have a death desire — are else they feel they are indestructible.

Bad things do happen to people, but many of these are random, accidental, and can’t be foreseen. We have more control over our lives than we think. Change is hard, very hard. But if the desire is strong enough, it can happen.