Watching the tide flow in and out can be calming, addictive. I hate to leave my bench overlooking the sea, as if the water will stop flowing if I go. I look back once more; it is still there, that white caps glimmering in the darkening sky and moonglow. I know it will go on forever, and that satisfies me deeply. That is why I like to watch its predictable ebb and flow.

I think of the lives that have seen that sea, died in its anger, survived its thrall, forever, or seemingly so. It has been here longer than people have; a millennium of time (of recorded history), of people, of generations, living their short lives, struggling as we never have. It is only in our affluence, we can just ponder it, not depend on it for the livelihood it gives up with a fight.

It is like life. It continues day by day, doing the same thing, but with sudden surges, inevitable storms, then calm and beauty. How I have felt all these, but I give them up to the ocean, to eternity. For surely, I am as insignificant as those who have been here before me; I am a cog in the wheel of life, and that’s a comfort. Yes, what I do is important to me and those close to me; the choices I make are mine and affect others, but they are no different that all mankind’s.

I am at one with the sea and eternity.