Since frivolous can mean “a lack of seriousness or sense”, I’d have to count myself out of the adjective. I am rarely, if ever, “given to trifling or undue levity”. I can be amusing, witty sometimes, and laugh easily (though not raucously). I’m pretty flexible mentally and emotionally, so I’m not often given to fits of temper or wild jollity.

I also associate frivolity with buying glitzy, unnecessary stuff; perhaps expensive shoes (like Carrie Bradshaw) because “I just have to have them!”; I not rarely a compulsive shopper; I’d rather get bargains. I never buy items at full price, because I know the next week they’ll be on sale. I have the clothes I need for my laid back lifestyle and replenish those as necessary, but I have no need or desire to be wearing the best or newest fashion. (Mind you, if I had a Barbie shape, my taste and desire for fashionable clothing might be far different.) If it’s really a special occasion, I will spend more — because more expensive dresses do tend to look more expensive — I can recognize those occasions when I really have to look my best.

I’m pretty practical and realistic, and have been with children’s clothing, too. So is my husband. (We have other things, like traveling, that we prefer spending the big bucks on.) I remember when, back in the 80’s, jeans with logos on them were very popular, and teens vied for owning the best labeled jeans. I seem to have successfully ingrained my thinking onto my daughters, that is: why give free advertising to clothing companies that are already making a big profit on getting people to buy their overpriced product! If you’re going to wear their label on the outside of your clothing, you should get paid, not them.

In decorating my home I’m kind of a minimalist, too. I like simple, clean lines, and not a lot of clutter. While I’d be lying in saying I’m neat, I do like a place for everything, and everything in its place. I’m a tyrant about games and puzzles being put away properly, not because I hate mess, but because the game (and fun) are ruined when pieces are missing.

It’s funny; I can even imagine being frivolous! I can live with spontaneity, but not frivolity. What a boring person I must be to some people!