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My worst nightmare, which repeats itself when I’m really stressed out, is that I’m somewhere packing and as my suitcase fills, I keep finding more and more clothes in drawers and closets that I have to pack. I also know that everything will not fit — and when I get really panicked, I wake up!

I’ve traveled a good deal, and I’m a terrible packer. I always take too many clothes, some of which I never wear. I also want to be prepared for anything, including any having any medications I might need (and usually don’t). I always have to pack and repack, removing things in order to get the zipper closed. I wonder why I feel I need to be so over-prepared. Most places I go and I can what I need. It’s a little obsessive — I admit it!

I wish I could throw a few things in a bag and be off. No worrying, just a basic pack and go. It’s more a mental thing than a fashionista issue. I really need to chill and go with the flow, focusing more on the vacation and travelling to an interesting place. But then I tend to over-think everything!

Nevertheless I love my suitcase, pink and battered, because I love to travel. My life is infinitely happier when I’m planning a trip, then arriving somewhere new, or someplace I’m glad to visit again.

My next trip is at the end of May to somewhere I’ve never been: Bozeman, Montana, for a wedding. It’s a part of the United States I’ve never seen. Any suggestions for things to do there would be appreciated.