Strange this should come up today. I don’t know why, but this morning I had the hymn, “Praise God From Who all Blessings Flow,” going through my mind, time after time. I do feel grateful for all the blessings I have — compliments ultimately of God. I was sitting outside last evening (a pleasant one) and enjoying the view of flowers scattered around our yard and the beautiful bushes and trees — just the whole comforting view. My husband is a great gardener, though he has gone to great extents to keep God’s other creation, deer, out of the back yard, and it has made a big difference.

My husband brought in green beans and I thanked him for them. He said “No, they’re from God.” Well, God may have given them to us — plants that nourish us — but certainly man has had the desire and ingenuity to cultivate them to their fullest and best. Every year, my husband begins in Feb. to plan his little seed pots, transferring to larger containers as they grow. Then outside they go, and now they’re lush, full, and bearing more fruit and veg than we can eat (though I’ve spent some hours over the last few days, preparing Romas for the freezer, ready for winter bounty.

Here’s a different, but pleasant of the traditional presentation of the hymn:

Praise is also one of those actions you see discussed in the “Five Love Languages”. Some people require more praise than others — it’s their main love language. Other people, of course, require praise because they’re unsure of themselves and need a boost. Certainly praise as a teaching habit is useful. Kids can always be praised for something, even if they’re not staying on task, you can praise them for their artistic doodling!

Praise, it’s something to be earned, and given easily whenever it’s due.