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Confused? Who wouldn’t be at this point in our country’s history. The world as we know it is morphing into a place that’s quite different. Traditional mores and rules just don’t necessarily apply any more. What do you grab on to when things seems to be spiraling out of control? I wish I knew, because I don’t like the future outlook, and I imagine there are a lot more Americans — and others — who are just as adrift as I am.

Sometimes you have to go back to basics. We have some rules that have served us pretty well. First, I acknowledge that there is good and evil. I’ve always like the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It covers a whole boatload of behaviors. Then the Ten Commandments, whether you adhere to them religiously or not, cover many transgressions that are unsavory: (If you believe in God, the first four apply — if not skip 1, 2 and 4.) Honoring parents as the center of a strong family unit is good for people and good for society. Murder, for whatever reason, is bad. Sometimes understandable, but usually heinous. Adultery is a breach of faith and trust and usually involves the break-up of the family. Stealing is bad, it just is. As my grandfather used to say, though, he could understand it when it was stealing food to feel a starving family. But usually it’s not. Lying about others, gossiping, libel — they’re wrong. And coveting leads to many other wrongs, including resentment, adultery, stealing, lying, libel, greed, etc. I skipped #3: Personally, I don’t like bad language, particularly when it includes the Lord’s name (why would you associate him with damning someone else? Let him do it), and find the use of some popular words relating to the body overused, rude, and tasteless. Not to mention unimaginative and showing a lack of language skills.

That’s why I find this whole election process so distasteful. One candidate is a liar. She has lied often and will continue to do so. The other candidate — well, who knows if he’s suitable to be a president. At least he’s not a political insider, because as far as I can tell (and an awful lot of other US Americans), “politician” is often synonymous with lying, in-action, and back-stabbing, greed, and a quest for power. We get promises, but no change. We not even getting much of an effort at change. We’ve got big problems that need to be solved, and people who need constructive help. We’ve been trying the same old same old and it’s not working. How do we deal with problems facing the world honestly, humanely, even-handedly, and expeditiously?

I’m confused.