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My Samsung phone has to be recharged frequently. I have this cute little pad it sits on that makes it quick and easy to recharge.

I wish it were as easy to recharge oneself. I feel I’m in need of recharging right now. I’ve fallen into that trap of being retired for three years now, and flailing around sometimes thinking of what I really want to do — to contribute, to know, to see by traveling. I think a lot, and yet seem to get little accomplished. Sure there’s the mundane, everyday things that need to be done (not very exciting), but at least I enjoy cooking and still devising new recipes and ways to prepare the old standbys.

captureI promised myself to write more when I retired. I’ve long had a passion for writing and reading, but I question my ability to be competitively creative. In fact, one of the the things I need most is just to put more work into it. More daily practice and slog. My desire is to write a children’s book or article, and it’s just not coming as easily as I had hoped. I spent years of my life reading many books to my four children and now my grandchildren, but didn’t appreciate how much goes into writing one. I’ve also found that I’m lacking in imagination. I’ve never had a burning desire to read fantasy, and I marvel at all the books in print and shows on TV that exploit that genre. Where do those ideas come from?! Maybe I’m just not willing enough to let go of reality and explore the possibilities that exist.

I’m about to sign up for some ed2go.com course; I’ve found that when I pay to take a course, I will force myself to do the work, and enjoy it. (Their courses are really quite good; I’ve enjoyed each one I’ve taken and strove to do well.)

The brain can get lazy, as can the body (even when at 68 I blessed with good health). So maybe my recharge is forcing my brain to light up some new pathways.