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A ballerina is the first thing that comes to mind when “graceful” is suggested. Figure skaters also graceful as well as athletic. How much training is required to achieve that grace is amazing, no doubt more effort than most can master. That grace is gained only through long, hard, and single-minded practice, both mental and physical.

Birds are also graceful; they’re “programmed” that way by a very resourceful Creator. I marvel at the way they swoop, glide, and dive with incredible precision. When I see them weave their ways through the trees and power lines with ease, I am in awe of their abilities.

Some people are graceful. While it may take work (I don’t know, I’m not graceful), it seems like a gift. I suspect that some people have more body awareness, or simply a better body build, that enables them to look graceful in normal activities.

Grace is also a state of mind. For Christians, grace is a state of living in God’s light, with the understanding that we are fallible human beings. It’s a gift, God accepting us as we do our best meeting life’s challenges, trying to follow His example.

Graceful¬†also makes me think of how I have seen people act with grace in difficult situations. They don’t lose their cool, and seem able to diffuse aggression or unpleasantness. I admire people like that.

My foray into grace occurs during yoga class. I can do most of the moves — I’ve been doing it for ten years — but certainly not with the grace of our instructor who makes everything look easy, and transitions smoothly from one pose into another. Oh, well, I’m still getting exercise, even when I lose my balance and refrain from falling!