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I never primp. I must be one weird female, because I think lots do. I do my hair in the morning, put on a facial moisturizer, 24 hour-lipstick, and then rarely look at myself again. When I have to put on make-up for a special occasion, it’s a real effort.

When I was in high school, I had to do my hair and make-up and hair daily. I graduated from high school in 1965, the days of poofy teased hair, coke-can curlers, and uncomfortable sleeping because of spiky rollers. It took a half an hour in the morning to do one’s hair, and then make-up on top of that. These were prerequisites for keeping up with the cool girls — and I was a pretty cool girl (not the coolest — they were the cheerleaders).

In college it was the time of Twiggy. Heavy eye-liner, long lashes, and show-off eye shadow, and of course multi-shaded foundation and blush. I felt like my face was a mask much of the time! I had a Californian friend, an ex-Seventeen and Bride model, who regularly took an hour to do her make up. An hour a day!

By around 25, I was done with the high-tech make-up and hair, and as the seventies took over, so did a more natural look (hey, even no bras for some!). By 30 we were into making babies (4 in 5-1/2 years) and make-up was barely a choice.

Most of all I like my face and body to feel clean. Now when I need a bit of make-up I use the powder foundation (works well) and not a lot on the eyes, because as old age sets in, so do the wrinkles, crinkles, and crepey skin, not the bast canvas for eye make-up. I also try for a good haircut that’s easily managed, but still with a bit of style. Dry time 10-15 minutes.

So I’m free. Wash, dry, and go (with lip color and earrings). Done. Easy. Age appropriate. Who needs a mirror to primp when life is so simple.