This is a wonderful and helpful post, Shannon. You are right on so many levels, and your confession is appropriate. We’re all that way, no matter how much we involve God in your lives. Life is a struggle sometimes. I’ve had a couple of really bad periods/events in my life and fortunately I did come out “a better person” for the journey, by the grace of God. I don’t know if I need your permission to reblog this, but it is in harmony with some of the blogs I’ve written lately that I’d hope you won’t mind.

Doodles Invigorate


I always hear people ask why can’t I be happy all the time? I see them striving to obtain this eternal non-stop bliss party. I was one of them. Life doesn’t work that way! God allows bad things to happen for a reason. Overcoming horrible events and emotions are what shapes, molds, and transforms us. It can shape you into a monster or it can shape you into something beautiful. How you transform is based on your perspective on life and how you handle your emotions. We must fight to ignore negative emotions caused by bad experiences. We must strive to look through a positive lens. Then we will find moments of happiness in stressful times. Then it is easier to hear God. Moments that are filled with light, guide us through the darkest valleys.

A special note to Christians in the valley: The valley is filled with spiritual warfare…

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