Why Do I Write?

These are Val’s words. They’re not always the best words, but useful at the time of writing to get the ideas out from where they’re hidden.

I’ve always been a good writer. As long as I remember, people have said “What a good writer you are!” I’ve actually made money writing; my first job in D.C. was as a public relations writer and editor at a big association. (That after a Master’s degree in Medieval History!)


Good writing isn’t good enough. With an ultimate desire of publishing a really great children’s book, I’ve struggled since retirement from teaching to “get it right”, and that’s much more challenging than I thought.

A wonderful critique group has helped a lot, and I’m open to criticism. It’s like being a diner cook, and then deciding to take a job as a French chef — you have to rethink what you know about the basics.

That’s where I am now, rethinking, writing, and reading as much as possible. And trying to unblock my inner negative thoughts that tell me “this isn’t good enough”, or “that’s a stupid idea.”

I’m doing a Post A Day because it makes me think about topics I haven’t considered before, and writing every day is important, too.

I'm part of Post A Day 2014


1 thought on “Why Do I Write?”

  1. Thanks for the follow Val. You have taken on a “one-a-day” challenge; I admire you. I have enjoyed perusing through some of your posts. You are a good writer in an endeavor which takes a lot of alone time putting one word after another into something spelling out our thoughts. Good luck on your children’s books.

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